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The mission of the Virginia Select Basketball League is to stimulate, promote and develop leadership, sportsmanship, and athletic excellence while providing mentorship and stressing educational excellence.  Our goal is to improve opportunities for amateur boys and girls basketball competition in the Northern region of Virginia and the surrounding areas.  
At this time both our boys and girls teams will range in age from 11yrs to17yrs. Our goal is to have teams range from ages 9yrs to 18yrs and to have a positive impact on their lives.  Our teams will be participating in the following levels of organized basketball AAU, USBA, YBOA and recreational/developmental leagues.
Our boys and girls are excellent basketball players and being in our program will afford opportunities to gain prominence as outstanding scholar athletes. It should be noted that being in an organized basketball program enhances their chances of being noticed by high school, all divisions of college, and perhaps even professional basketball personnel. 

Our coaches are dedicated in developing their players and teams in preparing them for district, state, and national competition. They are prepared to have their team travel to various locations within the connecting States to gain the experience and confidence needed to qualify for national competition and represent our area and the State of Virginia.